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The winter months are fast approaching, and many of the valley residents retreat to the High Country to experience an actual winter. There hasn’t been much of a fall for the Phoenix area this year, and if this is any suggestion of how winter will go, its best to pack up for at least a weekend and take the family to see some snow. Snow in Arizona!? I promise it isn’t mythical, even if it might seem like 90 degree weather is all this winter has in store. Taking a trip to Strawberry, Pine, Payson or even Flagstaff is sure to result in the more classical winter many valley residents yearn for. Whether you own your own cabin up north, or are simply looking for something to bring this feeling to your home, check out Antique Plaza for items that fit the eclectic cabin vibe you might be seeking this winter.


Look no further than the Arizona wildlife for inspiration. From eagles, to this actual deer head (which is from the Arizona Mountains), it is easy to add a touch of the wild to your space for a special look. 

1. Wooden Great Eagle Lamp – Dealer #23 –         $169.99

1. Arizona Mountain Deer – Dealer #M-110 –           $246.50

1. OLD Owl Driftwood Painting – Dealer #35 –         $17.50

2. Black Bear Family – Dealer #103 – $22.95


1. Handmade Ceramic Bear Ashtray – Dealer         #649 –  $24.00

1. Pair of XL Brass Deer – Dealer #999 –  $190.00


For a unique way to incorporate Arizona’s beauty into your space, frame some full-photo pages from a vintage Arizona Highways Magazine.  It’s an affordable way to decorate, with just a little DIY flavor!

1. Vintage Arizona Highways Magazines – Dealer #35 – $1.00 and up  


1. Arizona Antelope Antlers – Dealer #M-110 – $69.50

2. Snowshoe – Dealer #M-110 – $124.50 

3. Wagon Wheel – Dealer #M-110 – $44.50

1. Western Saddle – Dealer #M-110 – $245.00

2. Wood Carved Pistol Plaque – Dealer #M-110 – $22.50

3. Bull Horns – Dealer #M-110 – $46.50

Other unique decoration ideas!  The plaza is full of interesting items to make your cabin everything you’re hoping for this winter. 


Hi all!

While out shopping for antiques with Kat and Greg last week, my boyfriend Ricky came along! He usually can’t because of work, so it was definitely a treat. While out, he cleverly put two words together as a joke. Man + Antiquing = Mantiquing! At the time we thought he was a genuis. Who would ever think of something so witty? Well, quite a few people actually, as we found when we got back home and typed it into Google. But, none the less, mantiquing is here to stay! We know that plenty of men love antiques, and we want to stop discriminating! So every so often, one male blogger will contribute a post about what they love about antiques. First up, the creator of mantiquing himself, Ricky.

When Ricky and I met I was a senior in high school working at the Antique Plaza. That’s when his partiality for antiques started. But not just any antiques, only antiques that would fit into his mid-century gentleman’s dream office. When he sees something he likes he often says, “I need that for my office!” and I have to remind him that he doesn’t have one yet. But still, over the years his side of our massive shared office table has begun to pile up with items that are eagerly waiting for their place in his future ‘man space’.

So, you want to know what cool stuff is in Ricky’s office?




Mid-century desk 

“The desk is a man’s place to escape; he’s the captain and the desk is his ship. It reflects the man’s personality the most. This mid-century desk has an organic feel, something that you don’t see that often today. It’s sleek and vintage but still classic. It withstands the test of time.”

{Image via – we have desks like these in the shop frequently, but they sell quickly!}

Mid-century bar

“Adding this bar to your office creates a different environment. When there’s a bar in an office it’s a little more laid back. I think it shows that you know how to have fun but also take care of business. This piece of furniture closes too, so that’s nice.”

{Dealer #42 – $350}

Herman Miller chair

“These chairs are comfortable, fashionable and functional. I want one of these in my office because they compliment the desk.”

{Dealer #69 – $495 each}


Schoolhouse items: Clock and stapler

“Staplers and clocks are both items that still function the same way today as they did 50+ years ago. Even though I didn’t grow up back then, this clock and stapler remind me of the good old days of being in middle school.”

{Clock and stapler NFS}

Vintage industrial fan

“I love my fans. In the Arizona heat this would just be nice to have on your desk.”

{Dealer #LM – $35}

Animals: Bronze lion sculpture and Brass duck head book ends

“I just think animals are cool. Men like nature, and instead of having a deer head on my wall I would much rather have these duck heads. I think I might need to go back and buy these…”

{Bronze lion – Dealer #69 – $900} {Duck bookends – Dealer #? – $?}

Anthropologie Lamp

“Lighting is important in an office. It’s crucial to creating a welcoming atmosphere and setting the right tone. The shape and style of this lamp ties the entire room together.”

{Lamp via Anthropologie}

Cityscape artwork

“I really like cityscapes because it gives that urban feel. This Parisian street scene brings in life and movement. The art breaks up all of the mid-century pieces and really brings it all to life.”

{Art via}



Thanks so much Ricky for providing us with our first installment of mantiquing! If you, or anyone you know would like to be a male contributor for the column please feel free to contact us! We would love to hear your ideas!