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Industrial decor takes elements of science, utility, and metal and incorporates them into the interior of your home. It is currently all the rage, and luckily for us, it’s easy to do! Just throwing in an industrial piece or two can really add this eclectic vibe into an already stellar room. Another plus side of industrial decorating is that it’s basically up-cycling! By buying things that were once used for something else entirely, and incorporating them into your life, you are giving them a second chance! Through repurposing, these salvaged materials are used as treasure. While half the fun in decorating with an industrial flair is the hunt, I thought I’d help you out with a few ideas that can currently be found at Antique Plaza.

Vintage Lockers

One easy way to incorporate industrial elements into your space is with some vintage school lockers. Not only will the metal create an interesting contrast with other materials in your room, but the lockers can actually be used as shelves in order to give them some added utility. Leaving one or more of the doors open and creating an aesthetically pleasing display inside can help to blend industrial aspects with the current look of your space. You can even remove a door to help with this effect! On the left, you see an example of how lockers can really add a spark of uniqueness to your decor, as well as some lockers that are currently for sale in the store.



Inspiration Credits: Adam Guzman

1. Vintage Lockers – Dealer  #222 – $259.00


1. Vintage Laundry Basket – Dealer  #769 – $60.00

2. Vintage Swivel Chair – Dealer #769 – $45.00

1. Vintage Light Bulbs – #769

$9.00- $18.00

1. Vintage Oil Cans – #769

$32.00 – $38.00

1.Fire Lane Sign – #23 – $23.00

Adding a touch of automotive decor is a quick and easy way to change the feel of a room. Without much work, simply adding a few road signs to a room can really make the space look fun. Another great idea for adding a chic industrial look is by placing some vintage light bulbs in a bowl on your coffee table. They will surely be a detail your guests will want to check out!



The winter months are fast approaching, and many of the valley residents retreat to the High Country to experience an actual winter. There hasn’t been much of a fall for the Phoenix area this year, and if this is any suggestion of how winter will go, its best to pack up for at least a weekend and take the family to see some snow. Snow in Arizona!? I promise it isn’t mythical, even if it might seem like 90 degree weather is all this winter has in store. Taking a trip to Strawberry, Pine, Payson or even Flagstaff is sure to result in the more classical winter many valley residents yearn for. Whether you own your own cabin up north, or are simply looking for something to bring this feeling to your home, check out Antique Plaza for items that fit the eclectic cabin vibe you might be seeking this winter.


Look no further than the Arizona wildlife for inspiration. From eagles, to this actual deer head (which is from the Arizona Mountains), it is easy to add a touch of the wild to your space for a special look. 

1. Wooden Great Eagle Lamp – Dealer #23 –         $169.99

1. Arizona Mountain Deer – Dealer #M-110 –           $246.50

1. OLD Owl Driftwood Painting – Dealer #35 –         $17.50

2. Black Bear Family – Dealer #103 – $22.95


1. Handmade Ceramic Bear Ashtray – Dealer         #649 –  $24.00

1. Pair of XL Brass Deer – Dealer #999 –  $190.00


For a unique way to incorporate Arizona’s beauty into your space, frame some full-photo pages from a vintage Arizona Highways Magazine.  It’s an affordable way to decorate, with just a little DIY flavor!

1. Vintage Arizona Highways Magazines – Dealer #35 – $1.00 and up  


1. Arizona Antelope Antlers – Dealer #M-110 – $69.50

2. Snowshoe – Dealer #M-110 – $124.50 

3. Wagon Wheel – Dealer #M-110 – $44.50

1. Western Saddle – Dealer #M-110 – $245.00

2. Wood Carved Pistol Plaque – Dealer #M-110 – $22.50

3. Bull Horns – Dealer #M-110 – $46.50

Other unique decoration ideas!  The plaza is full of interesting items to make your cabin everything you’re hoping for this winter. 


From downtown Mesa to downtown Phoenix, Independent coffee shops can be found in every Valley city, bringing us all together to celebrate our love of java. At Antique Plaza, we love supporting other small businesses, especially when they serve up beverages that can keep us going buying, moving and selling furniture all day long! We all have our favorites—Kat and I are partial to Mama’s Cold Brew at the Chestnut, while Greg loves Lo-Fi coffee conveniently located across the street from the shop and Beth enjoys walking to Lola from her residence downtown.

In a state where summer days top out at 125 degrees, the success of Arizona’s coffee scene is a true testament to local business owners and customers who support quality. We love AZ’s coffee culture because each and every shop offers something unique while still keeping the staples needed for a proper caffeine buzz and good conversation—hot and iced drinks, well-loved sofas and of course, coffee tables!

During our many coffee shop stops, we particularly noticed the awesome ambiance and decor of each shop. Here’s a peek for yourself:


(Images from top-left, clockwise: Cartel Coffee Lab, Lux, Desoto Central Market, Inside the Bungalow and Sip Coffee and Beer House)

Craving a latte yet? Here are some products from the AP that are guaranteed to give you a jolt!


  1. Retro orange cream and sugar – Dealer #300 – $6
  2. Brass coffee service set – Dealer #20 – $89
  3. Sturdy Shenango china coffee mug – Dealer #769 – $6 each
  4. Glass Soltaire coffee canister – Dealer #117 – $18
  5. Stainless Steel thermos – Dealer #69 – $9
  6. Vintage MJB coffee tin – Dealer #35 – $12
  7. Mid-century coffee warmer with stand – Dealer #35 – $21.50
  8. Vintage FireKing mug with morning chickens – Dealer #69 – $5

Of course, you’ll need something to set all your coffee items on—here are two amazing coffee table options, but we also have many more in the shop, so come on by!


(Left: Vintage Founders coffee table – Dealer # 312 – $600, Right: Mid-century round coffee table – Dealer # 312 – $109)



Whatever age you are (as long as it’s legal drinking age!), a gathering of wine, cheese and your closest friends makes for a perfect end to a long week! It’s an overall deliciously healthy meal idea for summer because there’s no need to heat up the oven! With the unseasonably nice AZ weather we’ve been having, we decided to take the feast outdoors for a sophisticated outdoor picnic.

We used a vintage low-profile coffee table as a trendy zen alternative to al fresco dining. Placed under a shaded canopy on a freshly mowed lawn, the entire setting became a picturesque moment that makes you feel transported to a lush winery Napa vineyard. Interested in setting up your own spread? Read below for all the details!


How to Host Your Own Outdoor Wine and Cheese Picnic

Start by heading to your local Farmer’s Market and pick up food items of your preference. Charcuterie like smoked salami and prosciutto are common choices. You’ll want some tart fruit like green apples and grapes, as well as a variety of artisanal cheeses (honey goat cheese is one of our personal must-haves!) Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, almonds, local honey and dark chocolate-coated coffee beans are all nice sweet additions. Grab some olives, oil, balsamic vinegar and a crusty baguette on your way out and you’re good to go!

After finalizing a menu, choose a tableware piece to inspire your color palette for the evening. We found a focal piece dish that had a mixture of fresh blues, greens and yellows. We knew it was just right for the sliced green apples! For variety, we added in various types of metals—pewter, brass, silver, etc. Make sure you choose tableware in a variety of sizes and finishes to ensure every food item has the perfect home. And whatever you do, don’t forget the bottle opener!

You want all eyes on the gorgeous table spread, so consider softening the look with neutral fabrics; we chose casual grey pillows and dainty off-white napkins. And don’t forget to leave room for an extra place setting or two for surprise guests (like Jack the Cat)!


Furniture often becomes a topic of conversation at social gatherings. This low table has a contemporary look with an Asian-inspired design, effortlessly integrating wood and glass. Seriously, it’s gorgeous. The latticework detail allows the grass to peak through, creating even more visual interest and a greater connection to the outdoors. The ambient light reflected off the glass from the candle finishes off the tablescape, setting just the right the mood. Like what you see? This unique table is for sale in the Plaza; Dealer #69 – $495. Here’s how you can get the rest of the look:


Wood cutting block $12 #360

Brass leaf $39.99 #411

Copper ring tray $10 #69

Copper tray $15 #769

Ice bucket $40 #69

Glass cruet $3 #411

Lidded dish $18 #333

Yellow Plate $3 each #33

Blue glasses $4, Green glasses $5 #69

Floral bowl $24 #88

Brass napkin rings $16 #69

Bon appetit!


Paragraph 1

Two weeks ago I traveled to Portland and visited my sister, expecting and excited for trees, hipster vintage scenery and a rainy forecast. The visit was absolutely wonderful, and the weather was most impressive—low 80s and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky! The relaxed environment made antiquing very accessible. I explored eight recommended stores; five located on the coast of Oregon, two in downtown Portland, and one in Washington. A multitude of globes, wood crafting and industrial tools and marquee letter initials were trending items at each. Even with all the variety between the stores, a passionate vintage soul connected them all, even sharing many similarities to our own Antique Plaza.

Nehalem Riverside Trading Co., Pete’s Antiques, Painted Poppy 7th St. Vintage Market

Stores Paragraph 1

The first part of the trip took us to Manzanita, a beach village located about two hours west of Portland. We were lucky to have a reservation since there were no vacancies at the local hotels. It seemed like all of Portland followed us to the coast to soak in some vitamin D and enjoy the cool sea breeze with their dogs! I was impressed with the number of coastal shops outlining the drive. They had a distinct nautical theme along with the typical antique items. While speaking with an owner of Nehalem Riverside Trading Company, she mentioned that there’s not one specific ‘hot’ product at the moment. Their success with sales was due to the eclectic taste and wide variety of the items from the dealers. I found it a bit disappointing with the scarce amount of patrons visiting the shops—I found I had the entire buildings to myself in a majority of the coastal shops I visited. When questioning this, I was reminded about the sunny weather.

Paragraph 2

Scale: $40 / Painted Poppy 7th Street Vintage Market

Tools: $7.50+ / Nehalem Riverside Trading Company

Old Bottle: $75 / Pete’s Antiques

Wood Plane: $50 / Pete’s Antiques

Globe: $29 / Nehalem Riverside Trading Company

Similar items seen at Antique Plaza 

Paragraph 2 AP

Old Bottles: $25+ / Dealer #69

Wood Plane: $59 / Dealer #69

Insulators: $8+ / Dealer #22

Tools / Dealer #171

Scale: $75 / Dealer #69

Globe: $65 / Dealer#69

Wheeler Station & Tiques

Paragraph 3 Store

I called Wheeler Station & Tiques to verify they were open on Sunday. An upbeat employee answered cheerfully, “We are always open!” This store was massive. It had endless nooks and crannies, an outside area, and more than 130 dealers. I asked the owner what types of antiques people were buying, and she responded with, “What can’t we keep in here! There’s a little bit of everything, and people are always buying.” Apparently, the area is not the scene for mid-century furniture, so there was not much selection in that time period.

Paragraph 3 antique

Plant Frogs: $38+ / Wheeler Station & Tiques

Copper Pots: $45+ / Wheeler Station & Tiques

Door Knobs: $27.50+ / Wheeler Station & Tiques

Copper Tubs: $32.50+ / Wheeler Station & Tiques

Similar items seen at Antique Plaza 

AP 3

Copper Tub: $65 / Dealer #69

Plant Frogs: $7.50 each / Dealer #22

Door Knobs: $35+ / Dealer #69

Copper Pots: $45+ / Dealer #20

Old Wheeler Antiques

Para 4

An impressive Art Deco collection is located at Old Wheeler Antiques. The collection is considered to be one of the largest for sale in the United States, and the store is almost museumesque. While looking around, an employee briefly explained a bit of chemistry with why the uranium oxide glows under ultraviolet light on certain Depression glass. A favorite room was the wall lined with antique lawyer bookcases. They were all stunning and I envisioned a study room surrounded with these bookcases. This is where I made my first purchase of the trip, a small copper bowl.

Paragraph 4 Store
Lamps / Old Wheeler Antiques

Lawyer’s Bookcase: $1150+ / Old Wheeler Antiques

Pulley: $38+ / Old Wheeler Antiques

Vintage Bar Set: $124.00 / Old Wheeler Antiques

Similar items seen at Antique Plaza 

Para 4Antique

Copper Planter Purchased for $12 / Old Wheeler Antiques

Tools / Dealer #811

Cups & Saucers: $11.99+ / Dealer #397

Thea’s Modern Living in the Vintage Style

5 Store

Back in the city on Monday, I navigated the streets in my flannel shirt, skinny jeans, Tom’s boots and a borrowed Subaru hatchback all day. The first antique stop was at Thea’s Modern Living in the Vintage Style. This was a lovely corner store in the Pearl District. The owner was extremely informative and happily shared her passion about the merchandise. A multitude of items, including locally made jewelry and marquee letters decorate the store. The store also featured an assortment of repurposed wood and metal furnishings. Vintage bar items, specifically Absinthe glasses and brewery merchandise, are top sellers. She attributes this to the popular local breweries scattered throughout Oregon. I mention that mid-century modern furniture is currently in demand in Phoenix, and I had not seen a notable amount of it. Thea said it was difficult to find pieces in good condition, and suggested looking across the river where there are more young, first-time homebuyers.

5 Store Paragraph

Industrial Cabinet: $1295 / Thea’s Modern Living in the Vintage Style

“K”: $155 / Thea’s Modern Living in the Vintage Style

Vintage Goblet Set: $85 / Thea’s Modern Living in the Vintage Style

Similar items seen at Antique Plaza 

5 Plaza

“B”: $3 each / Dealer #312

Red Cart: $85 / Dealer #69 

Prison Cart: $450 / Dealer #69

Monticello Antique Marketplace

Stores Paragraph 6

Where to start with Monticello Antique Marketplace? This mall reminded me of Antique Plaza the most. First and foremost, there was a self-serve popcorn cart for patrons to snack on. With more than 100 dealers and eye-catching displays throughout, I spent hours casually looking through all of the aisles. I ventured into the marketplace around lunchtime, and there happened to be a cafe located within the mall! This was the first antique store where I was shopping with other patrons, and believe me there’s reason for the popularity. Monticello goes above and beyond to give customers an enjoyable experience. They have extended hours most months and offer snacks and even mimosas to sip on while shopping!

6 Store

Lawn Chair: $65 / Monticello Antique Marketplace

Duck Fireplace Set: $48 / Monticello Antique Marketplace

Globe: $159 / Monticello Antique Marketplace

Croquet Set: $42 / Monticello Antique Marketplace

Similar items seen at Antique Plaza 

AP Paragrah6

Lawn Chair $75 / Dealer #69

Popcorn Machine: $300 / Dealer #69

Brewery Items: $12.50+ / Dealer #171

Duck Fireplace Set: $110 / Dealer #69

Camas Antiques

Stores Paragraph 7

Camas Antiques was the final stop during my visit. My brother-in-law has a law practice in this charming town, conveniently on the way home from Portland, located over the Columbia River in Washington. One noticeable difference in this mall was the amount of perfume, lotion and candle displays throughout several booths. When inquiring about this, the owner mentioned the store has a boutique vibe selling ‘antique furniture, decor and apparel, plus imported sundries.’ The boutique products differ slightly from the options available at Antique Plaza, but the size of building, tidiness of the booths and friendliness of employees made me want to return on my next visit to Portland. Due to traveling constraints, I only purchased a copper planter here (yes, my second piece of copper)!

Antique 7

Croquet Set: $48 / Camas Antiques

“Y E S”: $2 each / Camas Antiques

Studio Floor Lamp: $329 / Camas Antiques

Similar items seen at Antique Plaza 


Industrial Light Fixture $575 / Dealer #69

Copper Planter Purchased for $11 / Camas Antiques

So, when you have the opportunity to traverse the streets of Portland, definitely take time during your visit to head out to the coast and over the river into Washington. The hours spent searching, questioning and reminiscing over all of the unique items throughout every store will make the time traveled memorable—I promise you won’t be disappointed! An added bonus? No sales tax in Oregon!

If you can’t fit in a trip in the near future, it is safe to say that the always rotating merchandise and the helpful staff at the Antique Plaza will make your visit a fresh experience every time.

Happy shopping!