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The winter months are fast approaching, and many of the valley residents retreat to the High Country to experience an actual winter. There hasn’t been much of a fall for the Phoenix area this year, and if this is any suggestion of how winter will go, its best to pack up for at least a weekend and take the family to see some snow. Snow in Arizona!? I promise it isn’t mythical, even if it might seem like 90 degree weather is all this winter has in store. Taking a trip to Strawberry, Pine, Payson or even Flagstaff is sure to result in the more classical winter many valley residents yearn for. Whether you own your own cabin up north, or are simply looking for something to bring this feeling to your home, check out Antique Plaza for items that fit the eclectic cabin vibe you might be seeking this winter.


Look no further than the Arizona wildlife for inspiration. From eagles, to this actual deer head (which is from the Arizona Mountains), it is easy to add a touch of the wild to your space for a special look. 

1. Wooden Great Eagle Lamp – Dealer #23 –         $169.99

1. Arizona Mountain Deer – Dealer #M-110 –           $246.50

1. OLD Owl Driftwood Painting – Dealer #35 –         $17.50

2. Black Bear Family – Dealer #103 – $22.95


1. Handmade Ceramic Bear Ashtray – Dealer         #649 –  $24.00

1. Pair of XL Brass Deer – Dealer #999 –  $190.00


For a unique way to incorporate Arizona’s beauty into your space, frame some full-photo pages from a vintage Arizona Highways Magazine.  It’s an affordable way to decorate, with just a little DIY flavor!

1. Vintage Arizona Highways Magazines – Dealer #35 – $1.00 and up  


1. Arizona Antelope Antlers – Dealer #M-110 – $69.50

2. Snowshoe – Dealer #M-110 – $124.50 

3. Wagon Wheel – Dealer #M-110 – $44.50

1. Western Saddle – Dealer #M-110 – $245.00

2. Wood Carved Pistol Plaque – Dealer #M-110 – $22.50

3. Bull Horns – Dealer #M-110 – $46.50

Other unique decoration ideas!  The plaza is full of interesting items to make your cabin everything you’re hoping for this winter. 



If you had told 15-year-old me that I would be this excited over electrical cord…I would have been left quite confused and perhaps less excited about growing up (I was on a mission to own my own animal shelter back then). But we all change, don’t we? To be honest, I also get excited about fresh kitchen sponges…but I digress.

We found this sad little metal lamp at our last trip to the Rose Bowl (check out our post here) and I knew it would be the perfect candidate for my next project.


I turned to spray paint to spruce up the metal shade surrounding the lamp kit. Gold metallic for the inside and flat black for the outside. I stuffed the inside with newspaper between coats to minimize overspray, and after several coats, I touched up by spraying onto a board and using a small brush.

I finally ponied up and got a “serious” mask, definitely worth the $30—those paint fumes are no joke!


I found the store back when I was working on this table and chandelier. I am delighted to partner with them on this lamp project! The paint was only half the battle, this pendant makeover needed more. Besides the Paint I used

And that’s where we get back to the electrical cord excitement. I love the look of fabric-covered cord and I don’t care who knows it. It transforms a cord from something you try to hide to one you would love to show off. It gives that extra vintage flair, and reminds us of days when not everything was made of plastic.

The Plug: The plug was super simple, it just comes apart and has two slots that crimp the wire inside. At first I unsure of the white, but it’s kinda cool how it blends into the electrical outlet.


Wiring: Fortunately the lamp parts were still working great, so we didn’t need to replace the lamp kit, it easily screwed back together over the cord, it only took a few times figuring out the order of threading the cord before attaching the plug. I’m sorry I don’t have more detailed images, but luckily, there are lots of resources online! My better half was helping and did this part while I was painting outside, I sure didn’t have the heart to ask him to “redo it” just for blog evidence. I did think this illustration was helpful.


{Image via Apartment Therapy}

I love how the lamp turned out, the shape of the frame stands out so much more with a matte finish. I used an old birdcage holder to hang the lamp in our new living room. The gold on the inside isn’t quite as bright as I’d like, but it still contrasts nicely with the black.


And yes, of COURSE I was inspired by these Iconic lamps, but who isn’t? And now hopefully…you are inspired as well!

Do you have a old lamp lying around? Something that needs an extra vintage flair? Well if you do, it is your lucky day, The kind people at are giving two of our readers each a 12ft length of cloth covered cord (like this), perfect for any light fixture you may have lying around. To enter, all you need to do is comment below on a project you have in mind and which color you would like! The Giveaway will be open until 11:59 pm on Sunday the 26th of April, and a winner will be chosen at random.


The right cord makes all the difference, and let’s be honest, anything that transforms a look to be more vintage is almost always a good thing in my book!


Hope you guys do some spring cleaning and knock another project off your list!


Disclaimer: the cords were provided by, all opinions are our own.


I don’t know about you, but I love decorating for the Christmas. I try to do it as early as possible and leave it up for as long as possible too! I’m a December birthday, but I don’t mind all the Christmas decor and cheer surrounding it.

This year I went for a mix of rustic wood and metal (you know how I love the industrial look) starting with the front door. I love the contrast of the natural materials of the garland and wreath, mixed with my vintage door knocker. In the living room, I added touches of red surrounding the tv and entry way, to accent the cool colors, doesn’t hurt that it brings out the wall color as well!


Since we have such an eclectic mix of ornaments, I decided to group them by color, white at the top, then red, then blue, then brow, and finally pink/purple, I also hung a strand of bigger bulbs amidst the normal small white lights we use. I love how it turned out, just the right amount of order, but not looking too curated.


This was my favorite part of the decor. The grand statement piece, I have had a mix of frames on the gallery wall for awhile. But this year I wanted to do a Christmas Gallery wall. I didn’t have a big budget to spend on art, so I just used things I already had with a few vintage pieces from the Plaza.


Santa “I want you”: Garage sale find
Starry night photo: Recent christmas gift from our photographer friend in Oregon
Red frame: already had, just hung a burlap wreath inside to use as a Christmas Card holder
Black Mirrors & white mirror with candle: Already had hanging in the gallery wall
Santa/Pink tree: This was a greeting card purchase from the Plaza, I cut in up and mounted side by side in a simple frame
Wooden Santa: Plaza find
White frame with Nativity: A homemade  felt nativity Advent. You add a piece of the nativity every day ’til Christmas, mounted in a vintage frame
Photo booth: These were photos taken at my work christmas party, I had it blown up and printed as a engineering print at Office depot ($3) Then I taped to brown paper and mounted that inside a mirror (from Ikea)

All All the art flanks the little table with our vintage nativity that used to belong to Nick’s grandparents


I love how it turned out, it has huge impact in the room and I was so excited to see the pieces come together! This is our fireplace mantel. I used old fence wood and a homemade stencil to paint the words on the boards. The trees are diy projects, burlap, pom pom trim and old tinsel glued onto styrofoam forms


A few more touches throughout the house, (bar cart in living room, dining room & entryway table)


And if all else fails, I’ll add some “winter to a room” with a plaid throw!


Works for me 🙂 I hope you enjoyed seeing our Christmas-ified Home! Have any questions on something? Ask Away!



Was there ever a more perfect match? The rustic warmth of wood mixed with the cold modern texture of metal. I just can’t get enough. These two pieces came around at two very different times. The cart on the right has only been living an a garage for the past month. The tiered stand on the left…more like a several years. But they both had their day when they made their grand entrance into Antique Plaza this week and we couldn’t be more excited at how they turned out!



The four-tiered stand looked shabby for quite a while, it was missing the glass inserts and the gold-flecked faux gilding was not a pretty sight. We decided that although the ledges were made to hold glass, we wanted to warm it up with a copper paint job and chunky sanded wood!


We cut blocks of wood and routed out the sides so it would sit nicely on the insets (you can see how far it sits on the top tier.) Then it just took some wood oil to polish them up. I am all about the copper trend and this project really came together and  with the wood block shelving. It takes some time to paint such a open enclosure but it was worth it when I saw the pieces come together.



We found this Cart at the Rose Bowl flea market we attended last month. It had such a great patina already, all it needed was the shelving. Instead of trying to age new wood, we decided to go the reclaimed route and got some old barn wood from Porter Barn Wood.


We ran the aged boards through a planer to smooth them down, while maintaining the rich grain texture. Then the planks were matched up tightly and tension set atop a plywood base (which was needed to keep the boards the flush with the cart sides.) The cart went from something that looked like a cast off of a auto repair shop to a chic bar cart that would give any space some edge.

Are you on board with the wood/metal look? Stop by the shop to see our new additions as well as look for other treasures of your own!



Copper Stand: $125 /  Dealer #69
Orange Vase: $24 / Dealer #69
Copper Pitcher: $49 / Dealer #69
Green Pitcher: $30 / Dealer #100
Blue/White Vase: $34 / Dealer #69

Wood/Metal Cart: $275 / Dealer #69
Thermos’: $8-12 each / Dealer #33
Wire stand: $40 / Dealer #69

Happy October everyone! All of Arizona is taking a collective sigh of relief that the cool evenings and moderately warm afternoons are here. And of course that means the Holidays are practically here!

Greg and I took advantage of the cooler weather to knock out one of the many “projects” that have been lingering in the garage.

At a glance it may not look like the biggest renovation. But take a closer look. The top of that chair is not brown wood, no way, that’s brown paint. The shadows of the garage aren’t making the legs “look black” they are also painted black. Ugh!


This poor chair wasn’t in wretched condition, but the iconic shape and style deserved to be resurrected! We tried out a new product Soy-Gel and it worked great! I felt like it took more coats than other paint strippers. But the plus side of that, is that it doesn’t smell, hurt your eyes or burn your flesh off (my personal favorite!)


The above pictures were about 2 hours into intervals of paint stripper and scraping. It appears the entire chair was spray painted black, then just the top was painted with brown…OIL PAINT. Yeah, that layer put up quite the fight.


We ended up using butter knives (make sure they are un-serrated and rounded point) to scrape it. We tried larger scrapers, but they couldn’t go over the minute curves of the chair. It took about 4 hours total, but I think it turned out pretty great! W finished it off with steel wool and Restor-a-finish.


Yes, there are still dings, and there is a chunk missing on a corner. But it looks 10 times better than that fake brown painted monstrosity! And I don’t mind some character on my antiques. I also really love the difference in wood coloring/grain going down the middle of the chair, I think that’s such a cool detail.


This chair was designed by Norman Cherner. The Chair became immensely popular in 1961 when it was featured (the version with arms) in a Norman Rockwell’s painting “The Artist at Work”on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post.

Rockwell The Artist at Work 1961

It’s considered a mid-century classic and we certainly agree. This chair represents all that we love about mid century design: Rich wood grain, molded plywood, clean lines and (most of all) the curves in the seat that make it actually comfortable!

This revitalized chair is now for sale in the plaza. Dealer #69 $275. Thanks and Happy october 🙂