The high in Mesa has finally dropped to a chilly 76 degrees this week, which can only mean one thing. Fall has FINALLY come to the valley, and just in time for Thanksgiving. Now, if you’re like me, Thanksgiving brings up images of families gathered around tables, being stuffed to the brim of delicious home cooked food, and warm homes. One of my personal favorite things about fall, and Thanksgiving, is the way people decorate their homes. I enjoy wreaths, dishes, and ALL THINGS FALL. That is exactly what you can find in our window this month. The display is perfectly designed to get you in the spirit of the season, and even features plenty of items that could be easily incorporated into your home this fall.


Below, you’ll find a teaser of items from our window, but its best to stop by if you’d really like to check it out! And with Christmas fast approaching, it won’t be fall at Antique Plaza for much longer….so hurry in!








(Photo at left)

1. Angular Chair – $30 – Dealer #7

2. Green Cabinet – $45 – Dealer #7

3. Three Tier Plate – $14 – Dealer #7

4. Quilts – $10 – $15 – Dealer #7

5. Painting – $40 – Dealer #151

(Pictured Above)

1. Covered Dish – $7 – Dealer #312

2. Turkey Plates – $35ea – Dealer #75



(Photo at left)

1. MidCentury Dining Table w/ Chairs – $450 – Dealer #312

2. Poppy Trail by Metlox – $10 – $20 – Dealer #69

3. Blakely Fine China – $6 – $19 Dealer #312

4. Hollywood Regency Italian Centerpiece – $65 – Dealer #312







Beyond the window, you’ll find a store full of unique items that you can’t get anywhere else. From furniture and clothing to dishware and fishing equipment, Antique Plaza truly is unique.  The shop is full of gifts for anyone on your list, and if you’re ready to start your Christmas shopping, WE ARE OPEN ON BLACK FRIDAY! Stop by for Sales from 10-75%, or celebrate Small Business Saturday by shopping local. We’ll be running the same AMAZING SALES on Saturday!



window shot

October is upon us, which means it is time to start looking for the perfect halloween costume. If you’re looking to really stand out this at all the parties, instead of buying a costume this year, get some authentic items from the past. Pinterest is full of inspiration for DIY costumes from Antique or Thrift stores, but so are we. This post features some of our favorite costume ideas that can be found in the store. Additionally, our employees would be happy to help you on your search for a unique halloween costume.


Check out our variety of hats, as well as vintage clothes and accessories.


On the left is a photo of our current window, which includes a complete cowgirl costume, assembled with authentic found items from the store. It also features an entire shelf that is full of a variety of different hats, which is the perfect starting place if you’re still looking for ideas. Already know what you want to be? Chances are we have an item that will make your costume even more authentic!


You’ll find some of our favorite ideas below!


Umbridge 1

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Inspiration:


All this outfit needs is a little black dress and a bun. To make the outfit even better, consider adding a tiara for a little bit of extra glam.


#144 – Black Gloves $12

#74 – Tiffany Snake Paperweight $12

#35 – Vintage (made in Japan) Costume Pearl Necklace $24

#35: -$25: 1950’s Dunhill Cigarette Holder

#1- $35: Tiffany Apple  





Rapunzel Inspiration:


Is Fairytale chic your style? Pick up this Rapunzel costume, all ready for you. All you need to add is a tiara, but lucky for you, we have some of those too! If you’re looking to be a princess this Halloween, this costume is a one stop shop! The best part? No one will be wearing the same thing as you at any party!






Dolores Umbridge Inspiration:


My personal favorite costume that can currently be found is this take on Dolores Umbridge.




#74 – Cushion Pen Holder $6.00

#312 – Vintage Pink Hat w/ Flowers $18.00 

#74 – 3 McGuffey Reader Books $20.00

#74 – History of Netherlands Book $9.00

#74 –  Leather Photo Album $54.00

#M622 – Vintage Wool Fuchsia Blouse & Skirt (Made in Italy) $25.00

#75 – Vintage Paint by Number Cat $16.00

#52-  Vintage Hand Painted Tea Pot $30.00 

#103 – Vintage Noritake Cup & Saucer $7.99

#7 – Purple & Pink Cotton Table Cloth $9.00 






At Antique Plaza you can find a wide variety of Antiques and collectibles. This month we have curated a window that showcases the diverse clocks we have in stock. From hanging wall clocks, to tiny vintage alarms that will surely wake you up in the morning, we have it all. Check out the photos below to see how you can implement clocks on a shelf or wall for unique decor. Clocks are very popular for home decor right now. Why not add a twist by finding something a little more unique at the store?


Visit our blog to see our new window displays each month, complete with themes that are sure to have you stopping by Antique Plaza! 


1. Wooden Cut-Out Clock – #99 – $145.00

2. Blue Vintage Clock – #40 – $35.00

3. Vintage Ingram Clock – #144 – $12.00

4. Vintage GE Alarm Clock – #151-Ek – $24.00

5. Ornate Clock – #40 – $35.00

1. Syroco Clock – #312 – $45.00

2. Classic Wall Clock – #69 – $200.00

3. Kitchen Wall Clock – #312 – $16.00


1. 50’s Admiral AM Radio – #15 – $65.00

2. Blue Antique Alarm Clock – #69 – $49.00

3. OLD Aristocrat Alarm Clock– #35 – $15.00

4. Vintage WestClox Wind-Up – #75 – $6.00

5. Vintage Seth Thomas Clock – #75 – $12.00

6. Remington Pocket Watch – #40 – $19.95




Do you love searching for awesome vintage finds? Got some extra relics laying around your house that someone else would absolutely love? You could be an amazing addition to the plaza, and we want new dealers like you!


We currently have available spaces just waiting for you to move-in. First time dealer or seasoned collector, Antique Plaza is a great place to display your items and match them with a wide variety of buyers. If you’re looking for inspiration, come look through the Plaza to get some ideas. We have tons of diverse dealers, and you could add your flair to our already eclectic store.


All our dealers were once just shoppers, so if it is your first booth, don’t be afraid to jump in and try something new!

You can get a bookshelf from just $10.00 a month if you’re just looking to dip a toe in, or get yourself a full size booth starting at just $100.00 a month. We also have options to fit every budget in-between. If you’re looking to expand your passion for vintage, come speak with Greg today about becoming a part of our store.


Cases start at just $20.00, and the best part is they are outfitted with locks and ready for your items! We also have prime real estate for rent on our top floor. This booth here (middle bottom) is running $175.00 right now, which is a special price! Hurry in before our available spaces are snatched up.


Industrial decor takes elements of science, utility, and metal and incorporates them into the interior of your home. It is currently all the rage, and luckily for us, it’s easy to do! Just throwing in an industrial piece or two can really add this eclectic vibe into an already stellar room. Another plus side of industrial decorating is that it’s basically up-cycling! By buying things that were once used for something else entirely, and incorporating them into your life, you are giving them a second chance! Through repurposing, these salvaged materials are used as treasure. While half the fun in decorating with an industrial flair is the hunt, I thought I’d help you out with a few ideas that can currently be found at Antique Plaza.

Vintage Lockers

One easy way to incorporate industrial elements into your space is with some vintage school lockers. Not only will the metal create an interesting contrast with other materials in your room, but the lockers can actually be used as shelves in order to give them some added utility. Leaving one or more of the doors open and creating an aesthetically pleasing display inside can help to blend industrial aspects with the current look of your space. You can even remove a door to help with this effect! On the left, you see an example of how lockers can really add a spark of uniqueness to your decor, as well as some lockers that are currently for sale in the store.



Inspiration Credits: Adam Guzman

1. Vintage Lockers – Dealer  #222 – $259.00


1. Vintage Laundry Basket – Dealer  #769 – $60.00

2. Vintage Swivel Chair – Dealer #769 – $45.00

1. Vintage Light Bulbs – #769

$9.00- $18.00

1. Vintage Oil Cans – #769

$32.00 – $38.00

1.Fire Lane Sign – #23 – $23.00

Adding a touch of automotive decor is a quick and easy way to change the feel of a room. Without much work, simply adding a few road signs to a room can really make the space look fun. Another great idea for adding a chic industrial look is by placing some vintage light bulbs in a bowl on your coffee table. They will surely be a detail your guests will want to check out!