Vintage Holiday Decor and More!

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With the Holiday season upon us, our homes are decorated with the Christmas spirit in mind. From the stockings hung by the chimney with care, to the trees strung with lights and decked out in ornaments, Christmas brings some beautiful decorations into homes. The magic of the season can bring people back to their childhood. If you’re looking for decorations of Christmases past, check out these ideas. Bringing a little bit of the past into your home is a nostalgic way to remember some of your best Christmases as a kid.

Make sure that on Christmas Eve, stockings are hung to be filled with everything from oranges and candy canes to less traditional stocking stuffers. These homemade vintage stockings can definitely add some whimsical flair to any room. They would look particularly nice hanging over a fireplace or mantle. 









Vintage Stockings- Dealer #312- $10.00


1. Vintage Plastic Santa Light – Dealer #769 – $8.00

2. Santa with White Belt – Dealer #35 – $42.00

3. Original 1955 Magazine Ad – Dealer #35 – $28.00

4. Too Gigio Santa Mouse- Dealer #312 – SOLD

5. Anna Lee Mr. and Mrs. Claus – Dealer #35 – $15.95

6. Knee Hugging Elves – Dealer #312 – $16.00 each

Bring a little bit of Christmas magic into your home with any variety of Santa’s. Whether you would prefer an adorable pairing of Santa and Mrs. Claus to sit on your stair railing or a traditional Coke ad featuring the big man himself,  it’s no secret that Santa is an important part of any home during December!

Looking for a Elf for your shelf? These vintage elves would be the perfect twist on the somewhat new tradition of the Elf on the Shelf!



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