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Its the beginning of August, and you know what that means! School is back in session. Whether you are going back to school or sending kids off, August can be a busy time. However, if you are able to get away from this hustle and bustle, a trip to Antique Plaza might just bring you right back to the good old days, or provide you with a real life history lesson. The store is filled with treasures from decades past, many of which have the ability to bring back memories of school days long forgotten. Whether it’s a geography lesson, or a refresher course in American history, Antique Plaza is sure to have something you are looking for. 

1. School Desk – Dealer #69 – $75.00

1. 30’s Lincoln Print – Dealer #700 – $175.00

2. Navajo Rug – Dealer #35 – $195.00

3. Revolutionary War Books (Set of 2) –      Dealer #22 – $18.00

4. Our Flag Military Educational Pamphlet – Dealer #769 – $5.00

1. Vintage Globe – Dealer #99 – $48.00 

2. Britannica Reading Guides – Dealer #312 – $2.00

Many fond memories have been captured through high school yearbooks. They capture the pop culture of an era, the students who lived through that era and are an excellent way of preserving a record of what life was like during a different time. These books are a sort of unique time capsule.

Yearbook Pages
Yearbooks Covers

1. 1953 Trojan – Dealer #35 – $15.00

2. 1954 Thorntonite – Dealer #35 – $12.00


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