Taking wingback chairs to a whole new level

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We are big fans of reupholstery. It is such a great way to give something a whole new look. The downside is that it really has to be done well to look right. And chairs need some extra talent, talent I sure wish we had. Sometimes though it really does take, what would otherwise be boring, up innumerable notches of cool. The folks over at Brimfield specialize in reupholstery of early to mid-20th century furniture. This may be out of the norm for us to brag about another shop’s wares, but they were just too cool to not say anything.

This one is reupholstered in a classic Hudson Bay Blanket. The local Chicago-ans that frequent Brimfield may have more need to keep warm than us phoenicians! But we can still appreciate it.




For sale here $1795

This blanket upholstery job is much bolder, it would need the right interior, but it’s amazing!

hudson-bay chair



For sale here $1295

This is the one that blew me away and made me really want to share these chairs with you.


Upholstering with a vintage quilt? I love that so much, and the accenting of the stripes really lets the quilt shine. We have a plethora of quilts floating around the shop. If any of you are inspired to make your own, be sure to let us know! We’d love to see.


For sale here $1295

Here’s hoping you have a relaxing weekend!


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