DIY Glass-etched Wedding Gifts

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Sick of cash being your go-to wedding gift? Want a memorable present that you can make in no time? Then I’ve got the DIY project for you! Glass etching is a great way to permanently personalize any piece. Here we’ll show you three ideas that are perfect for newlyweds!

1. Customized cake plate

Let them eat cake! Cleverly placed glass-etched saying will be revealed after the newlyweds feed each other the first slice of cake!

2. Monogram fancy glasses

Make these monogram glasses with the first letter of the couple’s new married last name. Is their last name Dater? Donaghue? De la Cruz? Then these stems would be perfect for you!  They’re so simple, but instantly make an old glass feel fancy and important.
3. Happy pyrex set

Pyrex dishes often go missing after being brought to a potluck or holiday affair. Give this set to your favorite bride, and they’ll always make it back to their rightful owner! I made these as a gift for one of my best friend’s bridal showers and I think she really loved it.

For this project you will need:

  • Glass plate, dish, cup, bakeware, etc. to work on
  • Sticker letters (make sure to spell out all of your sayings prior to applying the letters to make sure you have enough of each one!) or contact paper
  • Armor etch medium (can be found at any craft store but can be a little pricey. Make sure you bring a coupon!)
  • Scissors (to cut contact paper if needed)
  • Tape
  • Foam paintbrush

Step 1: Place the stickers or contact paper shapes onto the glass where you would like it. Tape around the area so that the glass etching medium stays contained.

{*Note that you need to use the reverse side of the sticker letters to have the letter itself be etched into the glass, like the glasses pictured above}

Step 2: Take the foam brush and generously spread the Armor Etch medium onto the glass over the letters. It says to let it sit for five minutes, but I found this wasn’t enough time. I let mine sit around 20 minutes until dry.

Step 3: Rinse off all of the Armor Etch and remove stickers. Look for spots where it did not etch, and carefully patch these spots then rinse again.

Step 4: You’re done, it’s that simple! Wrap it up and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind wedding present!

{The couple’s names are Matt and Andrea Hom, so I did one dish with their new married name, one dish with Matt loves Andrea and the last dish says happiness is homemade.}

Personally, I love this project on colored depression glass dishes the best. But keep in mind, if the piece has personal sentiment to you (i.e. it was passed down from your great grandmother) then you may not want to use it for this project. The glass etching is permanent! The good news is you can find tons of different glassware at the Antique Plaza for extremely good prices!

Thanks for joining us during wedding month!

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