Architecture Tablescape in Cobalt & Yellow

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Now that we’ve gone out west with Erica’s Tablescape, come have a seat at my art inspired table! We were invited to participate in Tablescape Thursday by Between Naps on the Porch and we are super excited to be a part of it!

Making Tablescapes exclusively with items for sale in the Antique Plaza can be a challenge. Finding all the components, getting them all to work together, and making sure they don’t sell before we have a chance to use them! But I think they turned out really well if I do say so myself!

I chose this original screen print of a house with great architecture. I was drawn to the clean lines and the fun color scheme of earthy brown, bright yellow and rich blue.

I used an easel to not only display the art, but also as a mini vignette shelf for some vintage collectibles. I brought in the clean lines in the house by using two old printer type trays on top of the table. It takes a simple table up a notch and really gives it visual interest.

I layered alternating depression glass plates and Homer Laughlin plates over various enamel dishes. The napkin was fastened in the middle with ribbon and the mismatched silverware gives the table an informal feel.

For a centerpiece I kept it functional with two photographic copper plates as the base.

{the copper plates are artwork themselves, showing the negative image in a subtle way}

Also in the center is a yellow enamel pitcher for your favorite beverage and the salt/pepper shakers (They were originally old drink containers that were used to serve alcohol on airplanes!) I was thrilled to find these shakers that capture so much of the essence of the inspiration artwork!

As this table is smaller, I thought that food serving might be better done vertically so I “constructed” a food stand of my own using yellow depression glass plates and wooden candlesticks ( I didn’t glue them, as they are for sale individually, but I would recommend it if you do this at home!)

This table was made complete with some funky book coasters and cobalt tumblers

Well, that’s my table and I think it’s a pretty great representation of the Art! This was a fun challenge and I hope you all liked it. Excited to link up to Tablescape Thursday and check out all the great tables here! (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view all the other participants tables).

Here is a complete list of items and prices.

  • House Screen print – Dealer #69 – $69
  • Yellow log cabin S/P – Dealer #5 – $15.99
  • Kitty S/P – Dealer #69 – $20
  • Cup (on easel) – Dealer #69 – $34
  • Wooden scribe – Dealer #69 – $12
  • Ruler – Dealer #69 – $10
  • Small cobalt vase – Dealer #39 – $7.50
  • Wooden Type Tray – Dealer #M622 – $37.50 each
  • Moderntone blue plate – Dealer #69 – $12.95
  • Blue plate – Dealer #69 – $15
  • Blue/White enamel plate – Dealer #69 – $14.95
  • Grey Enamel Plate – Dealer #44 – $4
  • Enamel Plate – Dealer #44 – $16 & $18
  • Homer Laughlin bread plate – Dealer #M622 – $6.50 each
  • Yellow depression plate – Dealer #5 – $6 each
  • Pair of wood candlesticks – Dealer #69 – $6
  • Photographic copper plates – Dealer #69 – $7 & $ 8 each
  • Blue/White House – Dealer #22 – $4.50
  • Wooden folding chair – Dealer #471 – $29
  • Wooden folding chair – Dealer #4 – $99 each
  • Cobalt Imperial glass pitcher (not pictured) and 4 glasses – Dealer #37 – $60
  • Encyclopedia coasters (6) and holder (not pictured) – Dealer #411 – $12
  • Silverware – Dealers #22 & #411 – $2-4 per utensil
  • Napkins with ribbon– Dealer #33 – $30

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