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Living in Arizona, I’m sure most of you are familiar with the term chiminea. A portable fireplace made of pottery, the chiminea’s purpose is to keep guests toasty on a mild winter’s night.

But have you ever heard of the chiminea’s groovy uncle? The freestanding retro cone fireplace is a true gem from the ‘60s. A nod to NASA design, cone fireplaces ushered in “a new era of self-expression.”

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These fireplaces were true focal points of the stylish home during this time.

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There were three main players in the game: Malm, Majestic and Preway. They all offered similar styles and colors of the conical fireplace. The most common porcelain or enamel colors were matte black, mandarin red, white, inca gold, bronze green and orange tone.

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According to Yahoo! Contributor Mary Starr Johnson-Gerard, all gas, electric or wood-burning fireplaces were packaged with an 8’ stove pipe and easy-to-install instructions.

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Today, the fireplaces have made the rounds, and are back to the top of the what’s hot list. Retail giant Design Within Reach sells the Malm white fireplace for $1,500 and the stainless model for a whopping $2,900!

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These fireplaces are a rare and rad find, and one is also Antique Plaza’s newest arrival! This burnt orange electric Majestic fireplace nestled into our basement last week and is ready to find a hip new home!

And at just $700 you would think you’re getting prices from 50 years ago!

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